Sarah Capecci

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I’m a full-stack developer with a background in business and I have a passion for learning and for problem solving. My love of cutting-edge technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation has always been a guiding light for me.

I focus on creating well-structured, clean, and user-friendly websites and web applications for businesses and individuals who are looking for an effective online presence. I work with designers to build products that not only look good and perform well, but also meet my clients' needs and visions.

The majority of my recent projects involved Ruby on Rails, jQuery, ReactJS, and RESTful API integrations, but I occasionally work on projects based on WordPress, Shopify, LemonStand and other e-commerce platforms as well.

Recent Work

Feb/2018 - Present

Currently working with a team to implement updates and improvements on ColorShadow’s DMS web-based catalogue and ad builder platform.

Aug/17 - Jan/18

Pizzaiolo's ordering platform redesign update.

Jul/17 - Aug/17

Wasteco's website redesign implementation.

Mar/17 - Jun/17

Worked on building Startoon's platform to support the animation competition throughout the year.


Rocket Prize website redesign implementation.